Soundtrack Sunday Ep21 - Metal Gear Solid

June 18, 2017

Peeking out from the shadows, it's Soundtrack Sunday Ep21!

As prog metal as you can get without calling Rudess and Petrucci in; as heavy as a threesome with the Hairy Bikers; as dark as the devil on the The Undertaker's shoulder... it's Metal Gear Solid for GBC.

Known as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in Japan, this - like so many Metal Gear games from the NES right the way through to the PlayStation consoles, has been lauded as being amongst the best titles on their respective systems. The first MGS is certainly right up there for the PSX, as are MGS 2 & 3 for PS2. The game we have here is easily in the top 10 original GBC games. Play it and you'll see why - it looks closer to the NES games obviously, but the feel and gameplay elements of stealth and anxiety were replicated so brilliantly in a 2D format.

We'll get to the game eventually on the main show, but for now take the time to enjoy a ridiculous soundtrack. There's never been anything this heavy and progressive on the Game Boy - so many different time signatures and a real raw, angry grunt to everything. It's just as atmospheric as a stealth game needs as well. I love it.

Thanks for listening, you Solids!

Dan or @SuperGBShow if you can see me. 


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