Soundtrack Sunday Ep39 - Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance

October 22, 2017

This one featured Michiru Yamane as one of the three composers (she's the one who wrote the majority of the famous Castlevania tunes, and is one of my favourite video game artists), however this soundtrack was criticised a little at the time of the game's release. Don't know why - it's right up there with the best GBA music in my book.

The quality is a little muffled, but that's just the nature of the system. If I were able to get it better, I would. Even so, this is a delightful listen.



Ep42 - Battletoads, Sagaia, Final Fantasy Legend III, World Beach Volley: 1992 GB Cup, Ninja Gaiden Shadow

October 20, 2017

This week's show might be the strongest quintet of titles I've ever talked about in one go up to now. 

While you're listening, have a little ponder about this question: If the much-purported Game Boy Classic was to be released (as so many people are hyped about), what games would you put on it?

I'm going to try to come up with what I think should be included, going with the magic number of 30 games. That seems a reasonable amount. Everyone will have a different list, of course, but next week I'm going to run down mine.

Looking at this week's line-up, I wouldn't be too surprised if one or two of them make it on there...


Cheers everyone

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep38 - Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon

October 15, 2017

Yeah I know, I know - I've already played Castlevania on Soundtrack Sunday. Hell, I can't help how good the music has always been. Plus, with Friday 13th falling in Hallowe-en month, we needed something spoopy, right? 

Enjoy these three soundtracks, folks. I know I will.


Ep41 - Metroid II: Return of Samus, Robocop 2, Brain Bender, Home Alone, Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly

October 13, 2017

You have to have balance in life, right? For every good, there's a bad; for every Steve Austin there's a Jinder Mahal,  that sort of thing. Exemplified as such here is the line up for Episode 41. I almost didn't put Metroid II first in the running order but of course I don't get to decide these things.

Let's sum up the other four games real quick: Brain Bender is not bad. The rest suck. Hard.

Basically, this week is all about Samus' first handheld adventure.

Damn straight. 

I still didn't manage to finish the 3DS remake yet, either. It's huge.


Oh yeah, happy Friday 13th, everyone! Don't let the Jason Voorhees bite!

Cheers, all.

Dan  / @SuperGBShow


Soundtrack Sunday Ep37 - Samurai Kid

October 8, 2017

I know... I know... I promised you Mother 3 this weekend.

Well, the more I listen to that soundtrack, the more I realise how immense it is - in every sense of the word.

Not only is it a phenomenal listen, it's also SIX hours long. Obviously I can't post a six hour episode, so it'll take some time for me to pick the best tracks to create a reasonable show for you.

In the meantime, here's a stunning action / puzzle game that was a JP-exclusive GBC game - Samurai Kid! It's one of those imports you just have to make, as it showcases everything that was great about the Game Boy Color. Awesome graphics, music and gameplay that you must experience at some point.



Dan / @SuperGBShow


Ep40 - Hiden Inyou Kikouhou: Ca Da, Popeye 2, Ninja Boy 2, Turrican, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

October 6, 2017

It was ambitious of The Code Monkeys to try to port the fantastic 16-bit home computer platformer to the humble Game Boy. Do you think they were successful? Tune in to find out.

Ninja Boy 2 also features - the sequel to Super Chinese Land basically took that shocker and tore it to pieces. What resulted from their drawing-board-back-to-ness was much better. 

Who Framed Rogger Rabbit? has a poor rep when it comes to 8-bit games. It's LJN's fault (as so often with crappy movie tie-ins on the NES). This one is better, though.

Ca Da is original and has its own kind of appeal. If you're into puzzlers you'll no doubt be a fan.

Popeye 2 - well, similarly to Ninja Boy 2 it's totally different from what was a poor first game. This one is a Super Mario Land-esque platformer with tons of cartoonish charm.

Oh, and seeing as how it's the 40th episode, I'm going to play you what I think is the greatest video game theme song of all time. It's not Game Boy, but is loosely based on this episode as it's from the Amiga version of one of this week's games... Stay tuned after the reviews to hear it.

Chris Hülsbeck is a god.

Dan / @SuperGBShow should ye have any twaddlin's for me.

Soundtrack Sunday Ep36 - Mother 2 / EarthBound

October 1, 2017

Riding the wave of SNES nostalgia we're all feeling this week with the release of the SNES Classic mini thing that scumbag scalpers have completely ruined for everybody, we're playing the sequel to last week's Mother 1 by exploring the other game featured on that double cartridge.

EarthBound is obviously way more famous as a SNES game, but few people realise that the Japanese game was released on GBA as well.

Enjoy. I'm going to try to upload Mother 3 next week, but it's proving a little tricky to rip for some reason.


Ep39 - Wizardry Gaiden 1, Super R.C. Pro Am, Ultra Golf, Kid Icarus, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

September 29, 2017

Last week's quintet was uninspiring, to put it kindly. However, this week there are four games that I'd be happy to showcase as a solid example of their respective genres.

Wizardry Gaiden 1: Suffering of the Queen is a brilliant RPG (and we all know my feelings towards that genre) that's maybe on the tough side, but one worth your persistance.

Super R.C. Pro Am is what I think is the best racing game so far... Of course the first Micro Machines game is probably the best on the whole system but this isn't too far behind.

Ultra Golf is a bloody good version of golf, standing above a rather large bunch of okay golf games.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters is actually better than the original NES game - it's certainly fairer, at least, and more enjoyable I reckon.

Oh, and then you've got TMNT 2, your high school cheerleader - looks and sounds amazing but absolutely zero substance once you actually try to pay attention.

Still, 4 out of 5 ain't too bad.


Btw: If you'd like to try the English translation of Wizardry Gaiden, you can get the patch here I'm not at liberty to tell you how / where to download a ROM file, though ;)

Love love




Soundtrack Sunday Ep35 - Mother 1

September 24, 2017

Hey everyone!

We're delving back into the GBA library for a little bit - adds a bit of variation to the series I think.

Here is a Japanese-exclusive 2003 port of a 1989 Famicom game that is actually the first in the series that would spawn the famous SNES title Earthbound. That's actually Mother 2, the GBA music of which we'll be listening to next Sunday!

The English version of the game has been released on Wii Virtual Console as Earthbound: Origins, or there's an abundance of fan translation GBA cartridges available for not very much money. 

However you play it, the Mother trilogy is an absolute must for any RPG fan. Beautiful tales.


Ep38 - Altered Space: A 3-D Adventure, Crystal Quest, Gauntlet II, Spot: The Video Game, Navy SEALs

September 22, 2017

I'm not going to lie to you: I'm a smidge underwhelmed by the games this week.

There are two that are not too bad (although inferior to their computer / home console counterparts).

The other three are basically garbage.

I explore why isometric games don't work on the Game Boy; I try (and fail) again to understand the appeal of Reversi-type board games, and I'm aggravated by yet another Ocean movie tie-in. 

Still, we're going to get weeks like that every so often. If I could choose, I'd mix the good and the bad up a bit.


I'll make it up to you this Sunday. We're rocking out to the excellent Mother 1 soundtrack from the GBA. Aw yes!


Dan / @SuperGBShow. 

Soundtrack Sunday Ep34 - Star Ocean Blue Sphere

September 17, 2017

We're delving into yet another Japanese exclusive RPG with the sequel to Enix's 1998 Playstation tale Star Ocean

It has a great fan translation here: which is apparently unfinished but seems pretty good to me. I thoroughly recommend it to any JRPG fan.

Enjoy the soundtrack, everyone! 



Ep37 - Atomic Punk, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: A Bogus Journey, Blades Of Steel, Knight Quest, Tecmo Bowl

September 15, 2017

This week, Dan gets awfully bro-mancy with a late-Eighties Footbawww player. It's weird.

Also, we get totally bodacious with So-crates and some other radical dudes. 

The Bomberman franchise makes its first appearance of several in a game called three different things in different regions (none of them Bomberman)

Knight Quest fills the RPG void between now and when Wizardry Gaiden I comes out (that's next week, by the way)

Also I play some ice hockey. Cos we didn't get sports-y enough with just Tecmo Bowl. Yeah.




Soundtrack Sunday Ep33 - Parodius Da!!

September 10, 2017

Finding good music in a Konami game is easier than falling down the stairs.

Parodius Da!! is actually the second Parodius game - there's a much lesser known title on the MSX, but this is the famous one. It was on NES, SNES and of course the brilliant arcade version. The Game Boy version has the majority of the levels (I think there's only one missing) and the music is right up there with any other port.

Now I will say, the soundtrack is intentionally absurd like the rest of the game, but that does not take anything away from its brilliance. Take the classic Gradius soundtracks, happy it up a bit and chuck in a healthy counterpoint of classical melodies that you're sure to recognise even if you don't know the names.

This'll make you smile, at the least.

Cheers all


Ep36 - Gradius: The Interstellar Assault, Megalit, Blaster Master Boy

September 8, 2017

In the last of our extended stories, we're going to be paying homage to the father of the Game Boy, Gunpei Yokoi. 

This is the last episode that'll only have three reviews. Next week, we're back to five! All three games this week are pretty good - the last two have their moments as well as their flaws. However, first off we're playing what I think might be the best SHMUP on the console! Maybe, just maybe. 

I think I should be back from holiday by now (I'm writing this at the start of August!) and should be able to record in time for next week. If not, well... it'll be around at some point. 


Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep32 - Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible 2

September 3, 2017

You've probably had enough of Pokémon for a little while, am I right?

It was worth doing though, I think. The soundtracks are maybe not the pinnacle of Game Boy composition but they're super nostalgic for many millions of people, and as a result probably the most evocative on the whole system. It was cool to finally play some Game Boy Advance music on this show, as well. More of that will come, for sure.

This week, we're revisiting the world of Shin Megami Tensei, with the sequel to Revelations: The Demon Slayer - Last Bible II. This was a Japanese exclusive, sadly, but that won't stop us enjoying the music. If you remember Episode 27 back in July, you'll recognise one or two tracks that were reused from the first game, but the majority of this is new and just as good.

Many thanks for listening, everyone!

Dan / @SuperGBShow


Ep35 - Mysterium, Amazing Tater, Elevator Action, The Super Game Boy Peripheral

September 1, 2017

Let's take a look at my personal favourite console peripheral - The Super Game Boy! A brilliant, if under-utilised little SNES add-on that let us play Game Boy games on our TVs. It did a lot more than just that, though, and I'm gonna tell you all about it.

Review-wise, we're looking at a sadly underwhelming dungeon-crawling alch-em-up Mysterium; a stupidly expensive Kwirk remake called Amazing Tater; and an arcade game Elevator Action.

Thanks for listening!

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep31c - Pokémon Gen 3: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (Part 3)

August 31, 2017

Phew, we finally got there. You may or may not be pleased to hear that this is the last Pokémon episode of the show, at least until we get to the actual Gen I game review, but that's a long while away yet. Thank you so much for sticking with me, and welcome to anyone who is new to the show!

I'll be back from my forays into the wild (unless I've been accosted in some long grass or something) by the time next week's Soundtrack Sunday airs, but if you're wondering, we're going to revisit the Megami Tensei Gaiden offshoot series that we started in late July, playing the sequel to the awesome Last Bible! 

You can email me at or twitterise my face @SuperGBShow. I'll probably answer this time!

Keep imprisoning them little critters and making them into your fighting slaves, folks! Cheers all



Soundtrack Sunday Ep31b - Pokémon Gen 3: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (Part 2)

August 29, 2017

Bonus Soundtrack Sunday episode #2 this week picks up where we left off on Sunday. If my calculations are correct, you should be somewhere around Lavaridge Town? Yeah, I'm probably a slower player than you - I like to take my sweet time about things, making sure I gots me one of each of them critters, and levelling my buddies up to the point where the battles are a joke. What better soundtrack to accompany your immersion than this? 

Thanks for listening, yo.

Dan / @SuperGBShow as always, chummers.

Soundtrack Sunday Ep31a - Pokémon Gen 3: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (Part 1)

August 27, 2017

So here it is: the first Game Boy Advance games ever played on Soundtrack Sunday!

Wasn't much of a surprise, but nevertheless, I'm excited as heck to play these.

All the music this month has been great, of course. However, I think it was generation 3 where I first thought: "Wow, Pokémon has some cracking music, doesn't it?"

Suffice to say, this soundtrack is just as long as Gen 2's was, so it'll be spread over three episodes again. Aren't you a lucky bunch?

Love love

Dan / @SuperGBShow for all yer jibber-jabber

Ep34 - Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge, Mega Man I: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, The Punisher: The Ultimate Payback, Game Boy Cartridges

August 25, 2017

This week in our extended story section, we're getting all cartridge nerdy by examining in detail the four types of Game Paks there were.

Also, my absolute favourite Game Boy game features this week. Belmont's Revenge is something I've treasured for many years. It took me years to beat when I was younger, but it was this that taught me patience; the persistence it takes to conquer some of the toughest of games.

Perseverance won't help me with Mega Man, though. I have a very strange relationship with this series. It's like, I want to learn to beat them; I want to join the masses and embrace Mega Man, but I'll be damned if I can bring myself to enjoy them. They're undoubtedly excellent, but there's something about them that makes me hate myself.

The Punisher is a somewhat unique game for the Game Boy - it's a sort of on-rails first person shooter that's very hard but actually not half bad.

See you all next week!

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep30 - Pokémon Pinball & Puzzle Challenge

August 20, 2017

The Game Boy Color had a pair of main-series spinoffs as well as the second generation games. Released in 1999 was Pokémon Pinball - a Class B (original GB-compatible) game with a rumble pack cartridge. It featured only Gen I mosters, released as it was before the Gen II games came out, but you'll soon realise when trying to capture all of them that 151 is more than enough! It's an easy game to love, but not an easy one to beat. 

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is a similar game to Puzzle League from the N64 library, focusing more on the second generation of Game Boy games rather than the animé series that the console equivalent used, but essentially it is the same rendition of a Panel de Pon game. Addicting stuff.

Next week is the last Pokémon episode I'm going to feature (at least for a while). / @SuperGBShow for all yer rumblin's.



Ep33 - Tail ‘Gator, Caesar’s Palace, Vattle Giuce, Game Boy Hardware

August 18, 2017

Three lots o'fun games this week!! Tail 'Gator is a brilliant, tail-whippy platformer with stunning music and a great challenge curve. Caesar's Palace is a surprisingly entertaining collection of gambling mini games. Just one more game...

Vattle Giuce is a Japanese-exclusive SHMUP that you've probably never had a go on - I'd recommend at least trying the ROM file! Great music again.

This week we're also looking at how these little handhelds work, and what went in them! It's a little diagnostic-heavy, lots of nerdy-sounding numbers and jargon but I'll try my best to put it into normal people words. Please correct me if I've made any errors here (well, this applies all the time, but especially here!!) , as it's certainly not my area of expertise and I've had to research most of it for the piece. 

Cheers all!

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep29c - Pokémon Gen 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (Part 3)

August 17, 2017

Phew, Johto region was bloody huge, wasn't it? As if that wasn't enough (spoiler alert) we got to travel back to Kanto afterwards. No wonder the soundtrack is nigh on 2 hours long - it's essentially two games! 

We got to the end, though. Did you catch all 251?

Me neither.


Next Sunday, we're taking a break from the main series and having a go at Pokémon Pinball and Puzzle Challenge! They're both great soundtracks but quite different.

The final week in August - it's something new for Soundtrack Sunday. You'll still have to wait until then to find out what I mean.


Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep29b - Pokémon Gen 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (Part 2)

August 15, 2017

It's the first ever Soundtrack Tuesday! Ok, so that's not its name - it's just an extension of Sunday's show. Gen 2 had a huge soundtrack. It was a huge game, especially Crystal. 

There are lots of recognisable motifs from the first game that were expanded on or varied in one way or another, creating a sound that was definitely new while remaining undoubtedly Pokémon.

Enjoy, young trainers!

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep29a - Pokémon Gen 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (Part 1)

August 13, 2017

You read that right: Ep29a. This week's Soundtrack Sunday is so large, I've split it into three parts. You don't have to wait until next Sunday to hear the second part - it'll be up this Tuesday. Part 3 will be Thursday. Pokémon overload this month, right? I'm not even sorry!


Nuff said, enjoy a fully loaded week of the Super Game Boy Show!


Cheers / @SuperGBShow

Ep32 - Bo Jackson: 2 Games In 1, Skate Or Die: Tour De Thrash, Sneaky Snakes, The History Of The Game Boy

August 11, 2017

This week we're delving in depth into the history of the Game Boy and its family! We'll take a look at the origins of handheld cartridge gaming with the MicroVision, right the way through to the end of the Game Boy Advance's lifespan in 2008!

Also this week, we're playing a couple of crappy sports titles, the final entry in the Skate Or Die franchise, and the sequel to the NES isometric platformer Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll. Thankfully, this one is 2D.

Thanks for listening, everyone! This weekend we're continuing our Pokémon journey into Johto, with Gen II! And just so you know, I might not be able to fit it all into one show... Maybe keep an eye out throughout next week as well?


Dan  @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep28 - Pokémon Gen 1: Red, Blue, Yellow

August 6, 2017

Finally, it's PokéMonth here on Soundtrack Sunday!!

I've wanted to play these soundtracks on here for ages, so I thought it'd be a blast(oise) to dedicate a whole month to Junichi Masuda's outstanding portfolio. First up is Generation I, which - while simply-composed - is chock-full of recognisable motifs that feature in every single incarnation of the main series right through to today's games. Part of the beauty of Pokémon has always been slight modifications on a tried and true formula, and the music is no different.

I've tried to arrange the tracks in the order that they come up in the story, paying a bit more attention to the flow of the pieces. I hope I've got it right.

Nothing much more needs to be said about this. It's easily the most famous set of Game Boy games, and probably the most well-loved and fondly-remembered. Just listen to that opening melody and tell me you don't get completely over-hyped about the forthcoming adventure. Which starter you gonna choose?!


Gen II is next week, followed by Pinball and Puzzle League on the 20th. (We already played the TCG for one of the earliest episodes last year). For the last Sunday in August we're going to do something totally new for Soundtrack Sunday... 


To hear the totally true story about how I totally actually definitely found Mew under this truck this one time, contact or @SuperGBShow.


DISCLAIMER: The Super Game Boy Show or Dan Astley will not be held responsible for any homicidal urges you may or may not experience during the Lavender Town segment of today's show. 


Ep31 - Hatris, Football International, Choplifter II, Aerostar, Final Fantasy Adventure

August 4, 2017

Aside from possibly Link's Awakening, there is no action RPG on the Game Boy that can stand up next to Final Fantasy Adventure (Mystic Quest). I'm not going to talk about it for long here - the review on the episode says everything that I want to say about this game. I adore it, but something more than that - I connected with it. I'm not sure what I mean by that exactly, but just listen to the review and hopefully you'll catch a feeling of my love for it.

The other games aren't half bad either. Hatris is as bland as they come, sure, but there's nothing exactly wrong with the game. Just a bit dull, I suppose. Football International is ambitious as well, and - although flawed in places - is quite fun. Choplifter II caught me out a little bit - it's an arcade-style game, but a very nicely done one with a veneer of polish on it. Certainly one to try. Aerostar is the best of the rest, I think. A rare, somewhat unknown SHMUP with a special jumping gimmick to it. Lots to enjoy on this episode.

Oh yes, it's August ! The treat I promised you this month on Soundtrack Sunday drops this weekend. The first part of it, anyway. I think you'll like it.

This is the last episode that I'm uploading near to the time of release. The next five weeks are all ready to launch, but I might not answer any of your messages straight away. IT'S VACATION TIME, SUCKAS!! See you in September. / @SuperGBShow to get in touch. 

Have a great summer, everyone!


Soundtrack Sunday Ep27 - Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible 1

July 30, 2017

Released as Revelations: The Demon Slayer in North America for the Game Boy Color, the first Last Bible game was released in Japan only in 1992.

It's a great RPG with critically-acclaimed music. The whole Shin Megami Tensei series and its many spinoffs have always had stunning soundtracks, from the earliest 8-bit days right the way through to the marathon adventures of the PS2 era and beyond. 

I fully recommend playing through the adventure. There are fan translations out there, or like I say you can get the first one on the GBC. 

For now, enjoy a rather short but undeniably excellent collection of songs. 


By the way, I'll be playing the sequel, but not next week. Last Bible 2 will air on the first Sunday in September. 

Why the wait? Oh, you'll see....

Let's just say that the four Sundays in August are going to be a lot of fun.


Cheers all!

Dan or @SuperGBShow if you wanna shout some funk my way


Ep30 - Snow Bros Jr., Marble Madness, The Hunt For Red October, Castelian, Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

July 28, 2017

Sorry for missing last Friday, but my usual sexy voice was a raspy, mucus-y mess; not the usual silky dulcet tones you're used to. All's back to normal now!

This week, we're playing another contender to Bubble Bobble's crown - Snow Bros Jr.! Like Spanky's Quest from episode 29, this is an absolutely pristine single-screen action platformer where you need to take out all the enemies on a stage. It's well expensive now sadly - I paid around £15 for it three or four years back and seem to remember umm-ing and err-ing about that. So glad I stumped up the cash then, as the game's easily four times the price these days! I think it's largely due to the notoriety of the NES game; the Game Boy one isn't that rare. We see a similar thing with Magical Chase for the GBC - that game isn't super hard to find but you'll easily be paying a couple of hundred, basically down to how much the PC-Engine one is. And no, I don't own it! I doubt I ever will - it's just not worth that much.

None of that takes away from how excellent a game it is. One to emulate at the very least.

We're also taking a look at a rather impressive rendition of one Marble Madness. A nice version of a nice game, and the version I usually gravitate to if I want to roll some balls around a maze for a bit.

There's a pair of games that are far, far too hard - they're so difficult as to render them both stressful as hell. A couple of ok concepts ruined by being brutally unfair. You can't have everything, I guess.

Also, Mickey's back in our fifth review of the week. He's teaming up with his lady friend to dangerously chase things. This one's actually a lot of fun!


This weekend on Soundtrack Sunday, we're having a listen to the music of Last Bible - a 1992 Japanese exclusive DMG game that was released on the Color as Revelations: The Demon Slayer towards the end of the decade. Excellent tunes in this one. I say that every week, but it's always true! I have great taste.


Love ya

Dan / @SuperGBShow to have a natter with me

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