Ep29 - Spanky’s Quest, Torpedo Range, WWF Superstars, The Adventures Of Star Saver, ASMIK-Kun World 2

July 14, 2017

Oh yes, I've been waiting for like, ever to talk about my monkey. I call him Spanky, and he's just awesome.

Spanky's Quest is possibly my favourite action/puzzle/platform game on the Game Boy. It's in the vein of something like Rainbow Islands or Bubble Bobble but I actually prefer it over those. I say 'possibly' because there's a little game called Snow Bros coming later this season that runs Spanky's Quest pretty close. Ooh, I'm not sure which I like better, but I love them both.

Anyway, you're this monkey and you need to basically kill some funky looking monsters with bubbles that magically get bigger as you juggle them in the air. Sold yet? Well, listen to this week's show then go out and buy the damn thing. Thank me later.


Oh yeah, there are some other games this week but I forget what they are. 

Spanky is Love. Spanky is Life.


@SuperGBShow or thesupergameboyshow@gmail.com for any other masturbation puns. 

"If you play with that thing too long you'll go blind." - my mother, circa 1994. (Talking about my Game Boy, you sickos - I was only seven)


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