Ep26 - The Game Of Harmony, NBA All-Star Challenge, Ninja Taro, Loopz, R-Type

June 23, 2017

Two of my favourite genres of video game are Action RPGs and Shoot-em-ups. This week, we have a good one of each! 

Ninja Taro is a semi-historical RPG game that plays like a stripped-down Zelda, that's partly set in feudal era Japan and partly in a weird alternate universe. Worth a shot, even if it's not so cheap.

R-Type is as good as it should be - it's maybe not the first version I would play but for those familiar with it you can't go wrong.

Loopz is an interesting little strategy-ish game where you need to make loopz out of pipes for some reason. 

The Game of Harmony is an ok game in concept but sadly the Game Boy couldn't really handle it too well.

Oh and the NBA one - well, you know how I feel about basketball by now, but this is a bad example of it.


I've also gone into a little more depth about spotting fake / reproduction Game Boy carts! The swear button might have been used once or twice, but I'm not even sorry.

Thanks for listening, folks!!


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