Ep22 - The Tower Of Druaga, Chase H.Q., Robocop, In Your Face, Play Action Football

April 14, 2017

1990 is done. We made it this far. There's really just the dregs of the year remaining to play, but still. We're climbing a really big tower replete with labyrinths and that, to fight the evil Druaga and rescue our 30th-or-so kidnapped maiden. I should put 'Damsel-de-distresser' on my business card at this point...

We're dashing off in our undercover cop car to take down evil terrrrrrists and bank robbers in a strangely lacklustre version of Taito's arcade classic...

Ploughing through street scum to save the day from evil with Robocop. I'd buy that for a dollar...

Then Dan gets to try his hand at some silly b-ball and footbaww games. You know how few shits I give about American sports by this point, right?

There are no reviews next week (or next month, for that matter), but even so, make sure you tune in next Friday for the awesome 1989-90 awards ceremony!! The Super Game Boy Show will return on the 2nd of June with a bleeding amazing line-up, including Trax and Operation C!!! What a show that'll be - two phenomenal games.


Seeing as how (at least here in the UK) we have a four day weekend, (Thanks, Zombie Jesus!!) I thought I'd play a very long soundtrack for you this Sunday. The Japanese-exclusive RPG Juukou Senki Bullet Battlers is a stunning unknown of the Game Boy Color library that has been missed by virtually all English speakers. It's a real shame because the game is apparently great, and the soundtrack is colossal. I don't use that word with any hyperbole - there's over FIFTY songs on this week's episode. I couldn't cut any of it. 

How much I wish someone would release an English fan translation of this game, because if the game is anything like the soundtrack, we're really missing something.

Cheers all


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