Soundtrack Sunday Ep29b - Pokémon Gen 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (Part 2)

August 15, 2017

It's the first ever Soundtrack Tuesday! Ok, so that's not its name - it's just an extension of Sunday's show. Gen 2 had a huge soundtrack. It was a huge game, especially Crystal. 

There are lots of recognisable motifs from the first game that were expanded on or varied in one way or another, creating a sound that was definitely new while remaining undoubtedly Pokémon.

Enjoy, young trainers!

Dan / @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep29a - Pokémon Gen 2: Gold, Silver, Crystal (Part 1)

August 13, 2017

You read that right: Ep29a. This week's Soundtrack Sunday is so large, I've split it into three parts. You don't have to wait until next Sunday to hear the second part - it'll be up this Tuesday. Part 3 will be Thursday. Pokémon overload this month, right? I'm not even sorry!


Nuff said, enjoy a fully loaded week of the Super Game Boy Show!


Cheers / @SuperGBShow

Ep32 - Bo Jackson: 2 Games In 1, Skate Or Die: Tour De Thrash, Sneaky Snakes, The History Of The Game Boy

August 11, 2017

This week we're delving in depth into the history of the Game Boy and its family! We'll take a look at the origins of handheld cartridge gaming with the MicroVision, right the way through to the end of the Game Boy Advance's lifespan in 2008!

Also this week, we're playing a couple of crappy sports titles, the final entry in the Skate Or Die franchise, and the sequel to the NES isometric platformer Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll. Thankfully, this one is 2D.

Thanks for listening, everyone! This weekend we're continuing our Pokémon journey into Johto, with Gen II! And just so you know, I might not be able to fit it all into one show... Maybe keep an eye out throughout next week as well?


Dan  @SuperGBShow

Soundtrack Sunday Ep28 - Pokémon Gen 1: Red, Blue, Yellow

August 6, 2017

Finally, it's PokéMonth here on Soundtrack Sunday!!

I've wanted to play these soundtracks on here for ages, so I thought it'd be a blast(oise) to dedicate a whole month to Junichi Masuda's outstanding portfolio. First up is Generation I, which - while simply-composed - is chock-full of recognisable motifs that feature in every single incarnation of the main series right through to today's games. Part of the beauty of Pokémon has always been slight modifications on a tried and true formula, and the music is no different.

I've tried to arrange the tracks in the order that they come up in the story, paying a bit more attention to the flow of the pieces. I hope I've got it right.

Nothing much more needs to be said about this. It's easily the most famous set of Game Boy games, and probably the most well-loved and fondly-remembered. Just listen to that opening melody and tell me you don't get completely over-hyped about the forthcoming adventure. Which starter you gonna choose?!


Gen II is next week, followed by Pinball and Puzzle League on the 20th. (We already played the TCG for one of the earliest episodes last year). For the last Sunday in August we're going to do something totally new for Soundtrack Sunday... 


To hear the totally true story about how I totally actually definitely found Mew under this truck this one time, contact or @SuperGBShow.


DISCLAIMER: The Super Game Boy Show or Dan Astley will not be held responsible for any homicidal urges you may or may not experience during the Lavender Town segment of today's show. 


Ep31 - Hatris, Football International, Choplifter II, Aerostar, Final Fantasy Adventure

August 4, 2017

Aside from possibly Link's Awakening, there is no action RPG on the Game Boy that can stand up next to Final Fantasy Adventure (Mystic Quest). I'm not going to talk about it for long here - the review on the episode says everything that I want to say about this game. I adore it, but something more than that - I connected with it. I'm not sure what I mean by that exactly, but just listen to the review and hopefully you'll catch a feeling of my love for it.

The other games aren't half bad either. Hatris is as bland as they come, sure, but there's nothing exactly wrong with the game. Just a bit dull, I suppose. Football International is ambitious as well, and - although flawed in places - is quite fun. Choplifter II caught me out a little bit - it's an arcade-style game, but a very nicely done one with a veneer of polish on it. Certainly one to try. Aerostar is the best of the rest, I think. A rare, somewhat unknown SHMUP with a special jumping gimmick to it. Lots to enjoy on this episode.

Oh yes, it's August ! The treat I promised you this month on Soundtrack Sunday drops this weekend. The first part of it, anyway. I think you'll like it.

This is the last episode that I'm uploading near to the time of release. The next five weeks are all ready to launch, but I might not answer any of your messages straight away. IT'S VACATION TIME, SUCKAS!! See you in September. / @SuperGBShow to get in touch. 

Have a great summer, everyone!


Soundtrack Sunday Ep27 - Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible 1

July 30, 2017

Released as Revelations: The Demon Slayer in North America for the Game Boy Color, the first Last Bible game was released in Japan only in 1992.

It's a great RPG with critically-acclaimed music. The whole Shin Megami Tensei series and its many spinoffs have always had stunning soundtracks, from the earliest 8-bit days right the way through to the marathon adventures of the PS2 era and beyond. 

I fully recommend playing through the adventure. There are fan translations out there, or like I say you can get the first one on the GBC. 

For now, enjoy a rather short but undeniably excellent collection of songs. 


By the way, I'll be playing the sequel, but not next week. Last Bible 2 will air on the first Sunday in September. 

Why the wait? Oh, you'll see....

Let's just say that the four Sundays in August are going to be a lot of fun.


Cheers all!

Dan or @SuperGBShow if you wanna shout some funk my way


Ep30 - Snow Bros Jr., Marble Madness, The Hunt For Red October, Castelian, Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

July 28, 2017

Sorry for missing last Friday, but my usual sexy voice was a raspy, mucus-y mess; not the usual silky dulcet tones you're used to. All's back to normal now!

This week, we're playing another contender to Bubble Bobble's crown - Snow Bros Jr.! Like Spanky's Quest from episode 29, this is an absolutely pristine single-screen action platformer where you need to take out all the enemies on a stage. It's well expensive now sadly - I paid around £15 for it three or four years back and seem to remember umm-ing and err-ing about that. So glad I stumped up the cash then, as the game's easily four times the price these days! I think it's largely due to the notoriety of the NES game; the Game Boy one isn't that rare. We see a similar thing with Magical Chase for the GBC - that game isn't super hard to find but you'll easily be paying a couple of hundred, basically down to how much the PC-Engine one is. And no, I don't own it! I doubt I ever will - it's just not worth that much.

None of that takes away from how excellent a game it is. One to emulate at the very least.

We're also taking a look at a rather impressive rendition of one Marble Madness. A nice version of a nice game, and the version I usually gravitate to if I want to roll some balls around a maze for a bit.

There's a pair of games that are far, far too hard - they're so difficult as to render them both stressful as hell. A couple of ok concepts ruined by being brutally unfair. You can't have everything, I guess.

Also, Mickey's back in our fifth review of the week. He's teaming up with his lady friend to dangerously chase things. This one's actually a lot of fun!


This weekend on Soundtrack Sunday, we're having a listen to the music of Last Bible - a 1992 Japanese exclusive DMG game that was released on the Color as Revelations: The Demon Slayer towards the end of the decade. Excellent tunes in this one. I say that every week, but it's always true! I have great taste.


Love ya

Dan / @SuperGBShow to have a natter with me

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Soundtrack Sunday Ep26 - Tokimeki Memorial Pocket Part 2

July 23, 2017

Here's hoping you found your waifu last week. 

I hate myself for being aware of that word.

Anyway, it's Part 2 of Tokimeki Memorial Pocket! Seal the deal, folks. Put a ring on it, and all that.


Any solicitations (not too crude, please...) to or @SuperGBShow


Soundtrack Sunday Ep25 - Tokimeki Memorial Pocket Part 1

July 16, 2017

So I promised you lovebirds another dating sim a while back - well, it turns out the soundtrack is way longer than I thought. Soooo.... I've taken a little longer to arrange it into two episodes starting this week. 

I've no idea what this game is about (honestly!) it's awfully cute if you like that sort of anime girlie thing. Apparently a really popular franchise in Japan, the PC Engine game that this is based on has been lauded as one of the best games of all time over there. What the hell for, I don't know. It's a dating simulator. Hey, different strokes and all that. I don't much care what the game is about - all I know is the pair of Game Boy games (subtitled 'Sports' and 'Culture') have an amazing soundtrack by Seiko Kobuchi - the same super-talented lady responsible for that brilliant RPG 'Juukou Senki Bullet Battlers' from a month or so ago here on Soundtrack Sunday.

I don't even remember how I discovered this soundtrack. I promise you, I don't make a habit of playing Japanese anime dating sims...... Am I protesting this a little too much?! 



Hope you like it, my luvvies.


Ep29 - Spanky’s Quest, Torpedo Range, WWF Superstars, The Adventures Of Star Saver, ASMIK-Kun World 2

July 14, 2017

Oh yes, I've been waiting for like, ever to talk about my monkey. I call him Spanky, and he's just awesome.

Spanky's Quest is possibly my favourite action/puzzle/platform game on the Game Boy. It's in the vein of something like Rainbow Islands or Bubble Bobble but I actually prefer it over those. I say 'possibly' because there's a little game called Snow Bros coming later this season that runs Spanky's Quest pretty close. Ooh, I'm not sure which I like better, but I love them both.

Anyway, you're this monkey and you need to basically kill some funky looking monsters with bubbles that magically get bigger as you juggle them in the air. Sold yet? Well, listen to this week's show then go out and buy the damn thing. Thank me later.


Oh yeah, there are some other games this week but I forget what they are. 

Spanky is Love. Spanky is Life.


@SuperGBShow or for any other masturbation puns. 

"If you play with that thing too long you'll go blind." - my mother, circa 1994. (Talking about my Game Boy, you sickos - I was only seven)


Soundtrack Sunday Ep24 - Azure Dreams

July 9, 2017

Funnily enough I actually mentioned this game during the Cavenoire review this week. It's almost as if I plan this show...


The game is not bad actually. It's better than the Playstation version in my opinion. The soundtrack is definitely an improvement to what was a little lacklustre on the console. I think it's by the same composer, but the themes and motifs are quite different. The GBC songs sound not dissimilar to Shantae actually. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.


Cheers all!!

Ep28 - Final Reverse, Cavenoire, Sumo Fighter, Nintendo World Cup, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2

July 7, 2017

Have you all been enjoying Summer Games Done Quick 2017? As always my mind has been thoroughly blown watching how some of these games have been destroyed in super speedy time. There's a Game Boy block coming up this afternoon at around 4 PM GMT (morning for you State-siders) where, amongst others, Avenging Spirit will be run. It's a unique and unusual game where you play as this ghost who can possess various people. It's a strange one for sure but pretty good from what I remember. You'll have to wait until next season for it to be on this show as it came out in 1992, but I'm very excited to see the speedrun! Hammerin Harry and Mega Man 4 are being played as well which should be great.

This week on SGBS we're having a look at a couple of Japanese exclusives first - one kinda average and one that's excellent, including the only procedurally-generated Roguelike game I can think of on the system. I'll post a link at the bottom if you'd like the English fan translation of Cavenoire, as I strongly recommend everyone tries it.

Sumo Fighter is a humdrum platformer that costs way more than it has any right to. Don't buy it.

Nintendo World Cup is the first GB soccer game I can ever remember loving.

Oh yeah, Bugs as well. Meh. for the hack, but you'll have to find your own ROM file - I'm not helping you there!

Soundtrack Sunday Ep23 - Daikatana

July 2, 2017

John Romero's about to make you his bitch!


Well, not with Daikatana for the N64, he isn't.

Proof that even the most legendary game dev has a duff idea from time to time, Daikatana was lauded as one of the biggest commercial failures of the N64 era. And rightly so - shonky controls, unusable camera angles and horrendous, utterly broken gameplay rendered the console version of this game a horrible, horrible mess that angry YouTube video game reviewers have reaped so much rage-fodder from for a long time.

Hey, it's not all bad, though.

The Game Boy Color game is actually brilliant. Sticking to a safe, 2D rpg-ish style with operable controls and a really well told story, Daikatana for GBC is well worth the £20 you'll have to pay to get it. Done away with was the rubbish distorted guitar soundtrack that accompanied the N64 game - instead we have a really droney, ambient, atmospheric dirge as the backdrop to a really tense foray into the esoteric world of espionage.

This GBC game is literally the only good thing about the Daikatana name, and the music is cool as hell.


Dan or @SuperGBShow fer all yer ninja yap

Ep27 - Fastest Lap, Jeopardy, Super Scrabble, Solomon’s Club, Parodius

June 30, 2017

If you want to hear a fully grown adult male gush like a dumbass about a penguin-based cute-em-up, this episode is definitely for you! Parodius (DA!!!) is one of my favourite games of all time, and the Game Boy version is probably the one I play the most. Golly, it's so blummin great. 

Jeopardy is right down the other end of the spectrum, though. Ewwww.

Fastest Lap is only slightly better. Actually, scratch that - it's just as bad.

The other two games on show today are a couple of decent midcarders as well - an enjoyable action puzzler as well as a well-done board game sim.

Also, I tell you how to get all that minging crap out of your cartridge games! I ramble on as usual, so if you want the abridged version, here it is:



Also, don't use sandpaper.


Love y'all.



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Soundtrack Sunday Ep22 - Pop ‘N TwinBee

June 25, 2017

TwinBee Da!!, or Pop 'N TwinBee has been on the show once already, as it was a 1990 Japanese title that also hit Europe in 1994. One of Konami's lesser known but still outstanding GB SHMUPs had a pretty lovely soundtrack as well. It's not a long one, but it's riddled with quality.

So, let's join TwinBee and WinBee and fight through 5 gorgeous levels to face off against Super Delicious Ultra Cyber Poppo! or @SuperGBShow for all yer tinkerbells and such

Ep26 - The Game Of Harmony, NBA All-Star Challenge, Ninja Taro, Loopz, R-Type

June 23, 2017

Two of my favourite genres of video game are Action RPGs and Shoot-em-ups. This week, we have a good one of each! 

Ninja Taro is a semi-historical RPG game that plays like a stripped-down Zelda, that's partly set in feudal era Japan and partly in a weird alternate universe. Worth a shot, even if it's not so cheap.

R-Type is as good as it should be - it's maybe not the first version I would play but for those familiar with it you can't go wrong.

Loopz is an interesting little strategy-ish game where you need to make loopz out of pipes for some reason. 

The Game of Harmony is an ok game in concept but sadly the Game Boy couldn't really handle it too well.

Oh and the NBA one - well, you know how I feel about basketball by now, but this is a bad example of it.


I've also gone into a little more depth about spotting fake / reproduction Game Boy carts! The swear button might have been used once or twice, but I'm not even sorry.

Thanks for listening, folks!! or @SuperGBShow for the uncensored versions of my rants.

Soundtrack Sunday Ep21 - Metal Gear Solid

June 18, 2017

Peeking out from the shadows, it's Soundtrack Sunday Ep21!

As prog metal as you can get without calling Rudess and Petrucci in; as heavy as a threesome with the Hairy Bikers; as dark as the devil on the The Undertaker's shoulder... it's Metal Gear Solid for GBC.

Known as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in Japan, this - like so many Metal Gear games from the NES right the way through to the PlayStation consoles, has been lauded as being amongst the best titles on their respective systems. The first MGS is certainly right up there for the PSX, as are MGS 2 & 3 for PS2. The game we have here is easily in the top 10 original GBC games. Play it and you'll see why - it looks closer to the NES games obviously, but the feel and gameplay elements of stealth and anxiety were replicated so brilliantly in a 2D format.

We'll get to the game eventually on the main show, but for now take the time to enjoy a ridiculous soundtrack. There's never been anything this heavy and progressive on the Game Boy - so many different time signatures and a real raw, angry grunt to everything. It's just as atmospheric as a stealth game needs as well. I love it.

Thanks for listening, you Solids!

Dan or @SuperGBShow if you can see me. 


Ep25 - Ray-Thunder. BurgerTime Deluxe, Fortified Zone, Racing Damashii, World Circuit Series

June 16, 2017

Awwwwwww yeah! It feels so good to be back!! I never wanted to leave you for six weeks, but circumstances dictated. You understand. Anyway, we're right back in the flow of things, diving head first into 1991 with some brilliant games again this week.

First up is a game I'd never heard of until about 3 months ago, when I saw an eBay listing for a CIB Japanese exclusive game. The box was of a beautiful rainbow background with a picture of a fighter pilot on it. Searching for the product code gave me the name 'Ray-Thunder' but very little else, so seeing as it was only a tenner (£10 GBP for you non-British folk) I picked it up. I'm so glad I did, for reasons you'll soon hear about.

Another JP exclusive comes in the form of the less-exciting Racing Damashii. This is a somewhat alright motorbike racing game. Pretty average stuff, but very cheap so you won't lose anything by trying it out.

A real unsung highlight of the GB library features this week too. If you think back to a Soundtrack Sunday episode at the end of April this year, you will recall a pair of amazing-sounding games called Ikari no Yousai 1&2. The second was a 1992 JP exclusive (which I will definitely feature on the show when we get to it, don't worry) but the first game was known in the Western world as Fortified Zone. This is one you'll definitely not regret picking up. A delightful, unique shooter game that I've played through countless times.

Also on the show this week are BurgerTime Deluxe, and Konami's World Circuit Series! Thanks as always for listening!

Dan or @SuperGBShow for all yer jibber jabber, you sexies.

Soundtrack Sunday Ep20 - Otogibanashi Taisen & Kinnikuman: The Dream Match

June 11, 2017

This weekend we're rocking out to a pair of games by an unsung master of Game Boy music - Norihiko Togashi. He worked on lots of Game Boy titles, but they were mostly Japan only. He was responsible in part for Bomberman Quest that you may have played on GBC, but I don't know that you'll have heard of many others of his. The two I've chosen today are both JP exclusive games (which seems to be a running theme at the moment on Soundtrack Sunday... hmm).

First up is a 1995 RPG called Otogibanashi Taisen, developed by Sun L and published by Yojigen, and is a game I know very little about. It looks to be very standard for RPGs - nothing out of the ordinary.

Second is a wrestling / anime game called Kinnikuman: The Dream Match. This was released in 1992 by a company called Yutaka. I'm a little more clued up on this - it's one of many games based on a manga about a superhero wrestler who needs to win a King of the Ring-style tournament in order to retain the title of 'Prince of Plannet Kinniku'. The name "Kinnikuman" literally translates as 'Muscle Man', which should give you a hint as to the depth of the show. Check it out on YouTube, it's pretty cheese-tastic. Reminiscent of early 90's WCW promos - you half expect The Shockmaster to jump out from behind a screen any moment. But I kind of like it.

I love these two soundtracks - they're lots of fun. Shame the same can't be said for the games they're from, but you can't have everything.


Dan or @SuperGBShow for all yer nonsense 

Ep24 - SEASON 2 PREMIERE!! Trax, Operation C, Spud’s Adventure, Dragon’s Lair: The Legend, The Chessmaster

June 9, 2017

After the nuclear winter that was the six or so weeks without the Super Game Boy Show, I'm delighted to bring you the first episode of Season 2!!

We're into what is possibly my favourite year from the whole library - 1991. Two beautiful titles kick us off: A really unique rotate-em-up tank shooter game by HAL called Trax. The first handheld Contra game - Operation C also features this week... the first game to score full marks on SGBS?!?! Maybe.....???? ;-)

One of the rarest games in the whole DMG library is on this one - Spud's Adventure. You say potato... (who the hell says Po-TAH-to by the way?)

We're playing a Dragon's Lair game that isn't horrendous. Well, it isn't horrendous by Dragon's Lair standards - I'll leave you to decide how it stacks up against games that work.

The Chessmaster makes a brief appearance also, so if you like chess, you might like that one.

I'm so excited to be back, and this year is going to be fun.

Love ya.


Soundtrack Sunday Ep19 - DokiDoki Sesete!!

June 4, 2017

Let's get loved up! DokiDoki Sesete!! is a Japanese exclusive GBC game released in 2001 by Victor Interactive.

I don't know anything about the game except that it's a dating sim and that the music is freaking amazing.

You'll be delighted to know that this isn't the only JP-exclusive GBC dating sim that we're playing this month on Soundtrack Sunday. In a couple of weeks there's another really cool soundtrack from a game called Tokimeki Memorial Pocket, which had two different games. Again, don't worry about the game itself - the music is what's important, and it's brilliant!

Thanks for listening!


Soundtrack Sunday Ep18 - Gremlins 2 - The New Batch

May 28, 2017

Alrighty folks, it's time for a movie to game soundtrack this weekend!

I ditched the final few Mario games that I was going to do because the music wasn't really up to standard, instead opting for a short and sweet episode soaking in gooey Sunsoft goodness!

If you remember the review from episode 21 of the Super Game Boy Show you'll recall that I was quite fond of the game, but it wasn't without its flaws. The presentation, both visual and auditory, can't really be faulted however and sure, it's not a long soundtrack but it is a good one.

I'm excited to bring you a whole new season, starting this coming Friday!! I don't usually do this, but hyped as I am for the five games I'll tell you: we're playing Trax, Operation C, Spud's Adventure, Dragon's Lair: The Legend and The Chessmaster. 1991 may be my favourite year of the Game Boy library. I can't wait.

See you next week as we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Cheers!


Soundtrack Sunday Ep17 - Super MAYrio Land Part 3

May 21, 2017

I'm an absolute sucker for number puzzles. 1995 and 96 saw two pretty cool ones on the Game Boy - Mario's Picross 1 & 2. Despite a massive marketing campaign for the first one in the US and Europe, it didn't sell all too well however, and the sequel was sadly limited to Japan. It's more of the same, really.

Wario Blast is a weird one - is it a Wario game? Is it a Bomberman game? Well, it was made by Hudson Soft so I suppose it was made with Bomberman in mind, and it certainly plays like one of his games. But it's got Wario in it, so it's on today's show! The music is cool, so that's enough for me.

Hope ya like it. By the way, the main show will return the Friday after next - that's Friday 2nd June!! Hope to see you all then.

In the meantime, @SuperGBShow or for all yer chitterchatter. Ta!

Soundtrack Sunday Ep16 - Super MAYrio Land Part 2

May 14, 2017

This weekend in our exploration of the copious Mario-based Game Boy games features the final game released for the original Game Boy - Wario Land 2, and its sequel Wario Land 3!

WL2 was of course released on the Game Boy Color as well, but is equally as great either way you choose to play it. There's delightful music throughout the series, each game having its own motif that crops up in various forms during the adventures. You might think at first that the soundtracks are a little repetitive, but pay close attention - you'll see that actually the various nuances and developments on the themes are quite clever!

Next week, we'll maybe look at Picross and a couple of the sports ones from the GBC. There's Wario Blast and Yoshi's Cookie too, and a few others that I might put in. We'll see next weekend.

Thanks for listening!


Soundtrack Sunday Ep15 - Super MAYrio Land Part 1

May 7, 2017

Nintendo's main man was all over the Game Boy / Color libraries, and as a result there are a ton of soundtracks to play. So, I thought we'd take the month of May to appreciate the lot of them!

This week, we're having a look at the three 'Super Mario Land'-named titles: Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.


There are three other Sundays in May, so you can look forward to hearing stuff from the other Wario Land games, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Picross, Dr Mario, Mario & Yoshi, even more - an absolute plethora of music to explore!

Cheers all


Soundtrack Sunday Ep14 - Ikari no Yousai (Fortified Zone) 1&2

April 30, 2017

Hello again, welcome to episode 14 of Soundtrack Sunday. It's another bank holiday weekend here in the UK and as a result it's cold. Let's heat things up with some serious meathead firepower!

Known as Fortified Zone here in the West, Ikari no Yousai was a 1991 maze-crawling shooter game that took the guys from Contra and put them in the dungeons from Legend of Zelda. (Not literally, obviously). It's a cracking game filled with puzzles and blasting action, with great bosses and a clever two-person game mechanic where the man can use special weapons and the woman can jump over obstacles. 

The game was improved upon in every way with the sadly Japanese-exclusive Ikari no Yousai 2 in 1992, and there was also a third in the series on the SNES, called Operation Logic Bomb, which came out in 1993. A trilogy of brilliant games that have maybe slipped under the radar a little bit.

You'll have to wait until next season for the game review of Fortified Zone, but for now, enjoy these two great soundtracks!




@SuperGBShow and for all yer yap.



Soundtrack Sunday Ep13 - Contra Games

April 23, 2017

This weekend we have two games - Operation C and Contra III: The Alien Wars. Both games have original music but also conversions of the famous songs you're bound to know if you've played any of the NES / SNES games.

Hope you enjoy.

No show this Friday, but I'll see you next Sunday!



Ep23 - The Super Game Boy Show Season 1 Awards Ceremony

April 21, 2017

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for listening to The Super Game Boy Show so far. I've really enjoyed putting this out each week, and I hope you've enjoyed listening.

It's high time to pay our respects to the best and worst of what 1989 and 1990 has had to offer.

I really hope you like the show.

See you at the start of June.

Much love


Soundtrack Sunday Ep12 - Juukou Senki Bullet Battlers

April 16, 2017

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for listening to The Super Game Boy Show so far. It's been wonderful to hear your comments and kind words - I really, really appreciate it! Next season is going to be even better, though, simply because of how strong the games were in 1991. It could well have been the best year for the Game Boy library - I'll leave that up to you to decide.

As a thankyou I'd like to play my favourite unknown soundtrack for you this weekend - there's a very good chance that you've never played or even heard of this game. Juukou Senki Bullet Battlers was a Japanese exclusive Game Boy Color title released in 1999. There's as of right now, no English translation available, which is a HUGE shame. If I had the time or the capacity I'd teach myself Japanese so I could provide one; alas, I'm too busy and dumb.

What transcends language barriers, however, is music. This game has one of the best (and largest) soundtracks on the whole system. I'm saying no more than that: settle in for over an hour of amazing Game Boy music. You'll be glad you did.

Much love as always


Ep22 - The Tower Of Druaga, Chase H.Q., Robocop, In Your Face, Play Action Football

April 14, 2017

1990 is done. We made it this far. There's really just the dregs of the year remaining to play, but still. We're climbing a really big tower replete with labyrinths and that, to fight the evil Druaga and rescue our 30th-or-so kidnapped maiden. I should put 'Damsel-de-distresser' on my business card at this point...

We're dashing off in our undercover cop car to take down evil terrrrrrists and bank robbers in a strangely lacklustre version of Taito's arcade classic...

Ploughing through street scum to save the day from evil with Robocop. I'd buy that for a dollar...

Then Dan gets to try his hand at some silly b-ball and footbaww games. You know how few shits I give about American sports by this point, right?

There are no reviews next week (or next month, for that matter), but even so, make sure you tune in next Friday for the awesome 1989-90 awards ceremony!! The Super Game Boy Show will return on the 2nd of June with a bleeding amazing line-up, including Trax and Operation C!!! What a show that'll be - two phenomenal games.


Seeing as how (at least here in the UK) we have a four day weekend, (Thanks, Zombie Jesus!!) I thought I'd play a very long soundtrack for you this Sunday. The Japanese-exclusive RPG Juukou Senki Bullet Battlers is a stunning unknown of the Game Boy Color library that has been missed by virtually all English speakers. It's a real shame because the game is apparently great, and the soundtrack is colossal. I don't use that word with any hyperbole - there's over FIFTY songs on this week's episode. I couldn't cut any of it. 

How much I wish someone would release an English fan translation of this game, because if the game is anything like the soundtrack, we're really missing something.

Cheers all