Soundtrack Sunday Ep28 - Pokémon Gen 1: Red, Blue, Yellow

August 6, 2017

Finally, it's PokéMonth here on Soundtrack Sunday!!

I've wanted to play these soundtracks on here for ages, so I thought it'd be a blast(oise) to dedicate a whole month to Junichi Masuda's outstanding portfolio. First up is Generation I, which - while simply-composed - is chock-full of recognisable motifs that feature in every single incarnation of the main series right through to today's games. Part of the beauty of Pokémon has always been slight modifications on a tried and true formula, and the music is no different.

I've tried to arrange the tracks in the order that they come up in the story, paying a bit more attention to the flow of the pieces. I hope I've got it right.

Nothing much more needs to be said about this. It's easily the most famous set of Game Boy games, and probably the most well-loved and fondly-remembered. Just listen to that opening melody and tell me you don't get completely over-hyped about the forthcoming adventure. Which starter you gonna choose?!


Gen II is next week, followed by Pinball and Puzzle League on the 20th. (We already played the TCG for one of the earliest episodes last year). For the last Sunday in August we're going to do something totally new for Soundtrack Sunday... 


To hear the totally true story about how I totally actually definitely found Mew under this truck this one time, contact or @SuperGBShow.


DISCLAIMER: The Super Game Boy Show or Dan Astley will not be held responsible for any homicidal urges you may or may not experience during the Lavender Town segment of today's show. 


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