Soundtrack Sunday Ep23 - Daikatana

July 2, 2017

John Romero's about to make you his bitch!


Well, not with Daikatana for the N64, he isn't.

Proof that even the most legendary game dev has a duff idea from time to time, Daikatana was lauded as one of the biggest commercial failures of the N64 era. And rightly so - shonky controls, unusable camera angles and horrendous, utterly broken gameplay rendered the console version of this game a horrible, horrible mess that angry YouTube video game reviewers have reaped so much rage-fodder from for a long time.

Hey, it's not all bad, though.

The Game Boy Color game is actually brilliant. Sticking to a safe, 2D rpg-ish style with operable controls and a really well told story, Daikatana for GBC is well worth the £20 you'll have to pay to get it. Done away with was the rubbish distorted guitar soundtrack that accompanied the N64 game - instead we have a really droney, ambient, atmospheric dirge as the backdrop to a really tense foray into the esoteric world of espionage.

This GBC game is literally the only good thing about the Daikatana name, and the music is cool as hell.


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