Soundtrack Sunday Ep17 - Super MAYrio Land Part 3

May 21, 2017

I'm an absolute sucker for number puzzles. 1995 and 96 saw two pretty cool ones on the Game Boy - Mario's Picross 1 & 2. Despite a massive marketing campaign for the first one in the US and Europe, it didn't sell all too well however, and the sequel was sadly limited to Japan. It's more of the same, really.

Wario Blast is a weird one - is it a Wario game? Is it a Bomberman game? Well, it was made by Hudson Soft so I suppose it was made with Bomberman in mind, and it certainly plays like one of his games. But it's got Wario in it, so it's on today's show! The music is cool, so that's enough for me.

Hope ya like it. By the way, the main show will return the Friday after next - that's Friday 2nd June!! Hope to see you all then.

In the meantime, @SuperGBShow or for all yer chitterchatter. Ta!

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