Soundtrack Sunday Ep16 - Super MAYrio Land Part 2

May 14, 2017

This weekend in our exploration of the copious Mario-based Game Boy games features the final game released for the original Game Boy - Wario Land 2, and its sequel Wario Land 3!

WL2 was of course released on the Game Boy Color as well, but is equally as great either way you choose to play it. There's delightful music throughout the series, each game having its own motif that crops up in various forms during the adventures. You might think at first that the soundtracks are a little repetitive, but pay close attention - you'll see that actually the various nuances and developments on the themes are quite clever!

Next week, we'll maybe look at Picross and a couple of the sports ones from the GBC. There's Wario Blast and Yoshi's Cookie too, and a few others that I might put in. We'll see next weekend.

Thanks for listening!


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