Soundtrack Sunday Ep14 - Ikari no Yousai (Fortified Zone) 1&2

April 30, 2017

Hello again, welcome to episode 14 of Soundtrack Sunday. It's another bank holiday weekend here in the UK and as a result it's cold. Let's heat things up with some serious meathead firepower!

Known as Fortified Zone here in the West, Ikari no Yousai was a 1991 maze-crawling shooter game that took the guys from Contra and put them in the dungeons from Legend of Zelda. (Not literally, obviously). It's a cracking game filled with puzzles and blasting action, with great bosses and a clever two-person game mechanic where the man can use special weapons and the woman can jump over obstacles. 

The game was improved upon in every way with the sadly Japanese-exclusive Ikari no Yousai 2 in 1992, and there was also a third in the series on the SNES, called Operation Logic Bomb, which came out in 1993. A trilogy of brilliant games that have maybe slipped under the radar a little bit.

You'll have to wait until next season for the game review of Fortified Zone, but for now, enjoy these two great soundtracks!




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