Soundtrack Sunday Ep11 - Project S-11

April 9, 2017

Episode 11 of Soundtrack Sunday could only really have been Project S-11, right?

Actually that was a fluke that I just noticed now, but even so. This is a weird one. Put together by two Finnish composers Jonne Valtonen and Aleksi Eeben, this soundtrack is a somewhat avant-garde, aggressive and raw-sounding trancy/dancy mass of harsh noises and explosions that really shouldn't come from a Game Boy. I'm not sure how it was done - it's reminiscent of some experimental demoscene and has an overall very unique sound.

Not everyone will like it - some will love it, I'm sure - but at least listen and try to appreciate that this came from the same sound chip that was used to back up Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears (literally the only mention that god-awful piece of crap will ever get here on the Super Game Boy Show!). You'll hopefully hear how far this hardware could be pushed. 

Not for the faint of heart, but damn hardcore.


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