Ep31 - Hatris, Football International, Choplifter II, Aerostar, Final Fantasy Adventure

August 4, 2017

Aside from possibly Link's Awakening, there is no action RPG on the Game Boy that can stand up next to Final Fantasy Adventure (Mystic Quest). I'm not going to talk about it for long here - the review on the episode says everything that I want to say about this game. I adore it, but something more than that - I connected with it. I'm not sure what I mean by that exactly, but just listen to the review and hopefully you'll catch a feeling of my love for it.

The other games aren't half bad either. Hatris is as bland as they come, sure, but there's nothing exactly wrong with the game. Just a bit dull, I suppose. Football International is ambitious as well, and - although flawed in places - is quite fun. Choplifter II caught me out a little bit - it's an arcade-style game, but a very nicely done one with a veneer of polish on it. Certainly one to try. Aerostar is the best of the rest, I think. A rare, somewhat unknown SHMUP with a special jumping gimmick to it. Lots to enjoy on this episode.

Oh yes, it's August ! The treat I promised you this month on Soundtrack Sunday drops this weekend. The first part of it, anyway. I think you'll like it.

This is the last episode that I'm uploading near to the time of release. The next five weeks are all ready to launch, but I might not answer any of your messages straight away. IT'S VACATION TIME, SUCKAS!! See you in September.

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Have a great summer, everyone!


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