Ep30 - Snow Bros Jr., Marble Madness, The Hunt For Red October, Castelian, Mickey’s Dangerous Chase

July 28, 2017

Sorry for missing last Friday, but my usual sexy voice was a raspy, mucus-y mess; not the usual silky dulcet tones you're used to. All's back to normal now!

This week, we're playing another contender to Bubble Bobble's crown - Snow Bros Jr.! Like Spanky's Quest from episode 29, this is an absolutely pristine single-screen action platformer where you need to take out all the enemies on a stage. It's well expensive now sadly - I paid around £15 for it three or four years back and seem to remember umm-ing and err-ing about that. So glad I stumped up the cash then, as the game's easily four times the price these days! I think it's largely due to the notoriety of the NES game; the Game Boy one isn't that rare. We see a similar thing with Magical Chase for the GBC - that game isn't super hard to find but you'll easily be paying a couple of hundred, basically down to how much the PC-Engine one is. And no, I don't own it! I doubt I ever will - it's just not worth that much.

None of that takes away from how excellent a game it is. One to emulate at the very least.

We're also taking a look at a rather impressive rendition of one Marble Madness. A nice version of a nice game, and the version I usually gravitate to if I want to roll some balls around a maze for a bit.

There's a pair of games that are far, far too hard - they're so difficult as to render them both stressful as hell. A couple of ok concepts ruined by being brutally unfair. You can't have everything, I guess.

Also, Mickey's back in our fifth review of the week. He's teaming up with his lady friend to dangerously chase things. This one's actually a lot of fun!


This weekend on Soundtrack Sunday, we're having a listen to the music of Last Bible - a 1992 Japanese exclusive DMG game that was released on the Color as Revelations: The Demon Slayer towards the end of the decade. Excellent tunes in this one. I say that every week, but it's always true! I have great taste.


Love ya



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