Ep28 - Final Reverse, Cavenoire, Sumo Fighter, Nintendo World Cup, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2

July 7, 2017

Have you all been enjoying Summer Games Done Quick 2017? As always my mind has been thoroughly blown watching how some of these games have been destroyed in super speedy time. There's a Game Boy block coming up this afternoon at around 4 PM GMT (morning for you State-siders) where, amongst others, Avenging Spirit will be run. It's a unique and unusual game where you play as this ghost who can possess various people. It's a strange one for sure but pretty good from what I remember. You'll have to wait until next season for it to be on this show as it came out in 1992, but I'm very excited to see the speedrun! Hammerin Harry and Mega Man 4 are being played as well which should be great.

This week on SGBS we're having a look at a couple of Japanese exclusives first - one kinda average and one that's excellent, including the only procedurally-generated Roguelike game I can think of on the system. I'll post a link at the bottom if you'd like the English fan translation of Cavenoire, as I strongly recommend everyone tries it.

Sumo Fighter is a humdrum platformer that costs way more than it has any right to. Don't buy it.

Nintendo World Cup is the first GB soccer game I can ever remember loving.

Oh yeah, Bugs as well. Meh.


http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1707/ for the hack, but you'll have to find your own ROM file - I'm not helping you there!

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