Ep27 - Fastest Lap, Jeopardy, Super Scrabble, Solomon’s Club, Parodius

June 30, 2017

If you want to hear a fully grown adult male gush like a dumbass about a penguin-based cute-em-up, this episode is definitely for you! Parodius (DA!!!) is one of my favourite games of all time, and the Game Boy version is probably the one I play the most. Golly, it's so blummin great. 

Jeopardy is right down the other end of the spectrum, though. Ewwww.

Fastest Lap is only slightly better. Actually, scratch that - it's just as bad.

The other two games on show today are a couple of decent midcarders as well - an enjoyable action puzzler as well as a well-done board game sim.

Also, I tell you how to get all that minging crap out of your cartridge games! I ramble on as usual, so if you want the abridged version, here it is:



Also, don't use sandpaper.


Love y'all.



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