Ep25 - Ray-Thunder. BurgerTime Deluxe, Fortified Zone, Racing Damashii, World Circuit Series

June 16, 2017

Awwwwwww yeah! It feels so good to be back!! I never wanted to leave you for six weeks, but circumstances dictated. You understand. Anyway, we're right back in the flow of things, diving head first into 1991 with some brilliant games again this week.

First up is a game I'd never heard of until about 3 months ago, when I saw an eBay listing for a CIB Japanese exclusive game. The box was of a beautiful rainbow background with a picture of a fighter pilot on it. Searching for the product code gave me the name 'Ray-Thunder' but very little else, so seeing as it was only a tenner (£10 GBP for you non-British folk) I picked it up. I'm so glad I did, for reasons you'll soon hear about.

Another JP exclusive comes in the form of the less-exciting Racing Damashii. This is a somewhat alright motorbike racing game. Pretty average stuff, but very cheap so you won't lose anything by trying it out.

A real unsung highlight of the GB library features this week too. If you think back to a Soundtrack Sunday episode at the end of April this year, you will recall a pair of amazing-sounding games called Ikari no Yousai 1&2. The second was a 1992 JP exclusive (which I will definitely feature on the show when we get to it, don't worry) but the first game was known in the Western world as Fortified Zone. This is one you'll definitely not regret picking up. A delightful, unique shooter game that I've played through countless times.

Also on the show this week are BurgerTime Deluxe, and Konami's World Circuit Series! Thanks as always for listening!



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