Ep24 - SEASON 2 PREMIERE!! Trax, Operation C, Spud’s Adventure, Dragon’s Lair: The Legend, The Chessmaster

June 9, 2017

After the nuclear winter that was the six or so weeks without the Super Game Boy Show, I'm delighted to bring you the first episode of Season 2!!

We're into what is possibly my favourite year from the whole library - 1991. Two beautiful titles kick us off: A really unique rotate-em-up tank shooter game by HAL called Trax. The first handheld Contra game - Operation C also features this week... the first game to score full marks on SGBS?!?! Maybe.....???? ;-)

One of the rarest games in the whole DMG library is on this one - Spud's Adventure. You say potato... (who the hell says Po-TAH-to by the way?)

We're playing a Dragon's Lair game that isn't horrendous. Well, it isn't horrendous by Dragon's Lair standards - I'll leave you to decide how it stacks up against games that work.

The Chessmaster makes a brief appearance also, so if you like chess, you might like that one.

I'm so excited to be back, and this year is going to be fun.

Love ya.


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