Ep21 - The Final Fantasy Legend II, Klax, Battle Unit Zeoth, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Fighting Simulator 2-in-1: Flying Warriors

April 7, 2017

A superb RPG - one of the top 3 on the whole system, possibly?? It's a strong genre I know but this one is well, well up there.

Klax has two versions and I'm not sure which is the more disappointing. Probably don't bother with either.

Battle Unit Zeoth is the most gorgeous ass-kicking you'll have this week.

Gremlins 2 is so cute but a bit of a let down in terms of gameplay but it's a movie tie-in that doesn't suck a chode so we can be grateful for it.

Are we going to ever find a decent fighting game on the Game Boy? Maybe. But this week is not that week.

Listen in this Sunday for the superbly avant-garde Project-S11. You'll either love it or hate it.



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